The objectives for establishment of Industrial Training Unit, FUTA are to:

(i) Coordinate students’ Industrial Attachment to industries for six months in the fourth year of the undergraduate programme.

(ii) Organise Orientation for students before they proceed on industrial attachment.

(iii) Organise the supervisors of students on attachment.

(iv) Liaise with Industries, Industrial Training Fund and the supervising agency, (NUC) Abuja for the smooth running of the programme.


The Industrial Training Unit was established as a Unit to fulfil the mandate of coordinating industrial skills acquisition for University students in accordance with the directive of National Universities Commission and Industrial Training Fund to all Universities in 1978. It has been operating as a Unit, supervising both SIWES and craft training programme under the headship of the Deputy Director, Engr. L. A. Ogungbe since 1990. Along the line, the craft training programme was removed from the Unit, and the Unit was restructured to a Directorate of Industrial Training with the establishment of Step-B Project, World Bank Assisted Project in 2008, and Professor O. C. Ademosun was appointed as a Director. In August 2011, the Step-B Project was removed from the Directorate of Industrial Training, and the Directorate was made independent under the directorship of Professor C. O. Adedire till date. From its inception, the Unit annually successfully mobilizes the 400-level students for the SIWES programme. In the past five years, the statistics are as follows:

2007 - 1640 students placed

2008 - 1750 students placed

2009 - 1850 students placed

2010 - 2100 students placed

2011 - 2400 students placed

2012 - 2382 students placed